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So this weekend I was in Iceland, for 3 nights. It was pretty nippy and got down to about -13 degrees C and cloudy so not great conditions.

We went to see the Northern Lights but it was too cloudy for it, so this is what I got up to instead.

This is the Icelandic Olympic training facility. It was directly across from the hotel we was staying in (Reykjavik Lights Hotel, ironically). I thought I would take a few photos and didn’t realise you could see the mountains on the other side but no worries.


This is called Hallgrimska. Its a church in Reykjavik, off to the side of the photo was a flag flying half mast because the day before this photo was took was the day Nelson Mandela died.


The rest of the photos were taken on a trip from Reykjavik, going through the National Park, the Geysers and to this waterfall. It also included a snowmobile ride on a glacier in the arctic circle but I didn’t have the camera on me.




(We went up that road)




Advent Calender Counting

So now its gone too quickly and were in December. People are opening advent calenders and getting ready for Christmas which means everything is just busier.


It’s the on season for grit, so I’ve been climbing quite a bit and the cold days are leading to more bouldering indoors. The Works is the place to be it seems, new problems walls and other things means its on time.

I’ve had a couple of job interview over the last couple of weeks which are hopefully leading to new things for me next year which would be great. However, this means I’ve got a new bike and only been for 2 rides which sucks but its an okay sacrifice really.

I’m going to Iceland tomorrow so hopefully that will be a good trip but I’m back next week for the last week of uni so need to crack down with some assignments. Have a good Christmas everyone!!

Busy Times

The closer we get to Christmas the more assignments I have too do so its starting to get busy.


As well as my assignments, work is getting busier and I’ve had to start getting Christmas gifts sorted and so im missing more rides and climbing. Luckily a new spinning place (Velocity Spinning, really nice people) has opened about 5 minutes away from my house so I’ve now been to 4 sessions about 45minutes each.

Also, I’ve bought a new bike so need to get more biking done so it seems like a good reason! I’ve got a group assignment to be done tomorrow and one in for next week so I best get going with it!

Drawing In

The nights are drawing in now with it getting further into winter. That means less climbing and cycling outdoors, however I did manage to get a 4 hour and 30mins ride in on Thursday day. We went bouldering Wednesday night at the Works where I’m climbing about 6a+/6b again.


Over the weekend I had more work to do, so I was at the bike shop on Saturday where I had another good day selling about £3500+ worth of products. On Sunday was the first day of this season for me working for Mammut. I headed up to Manchester with one of the other lads and did staff training in both Blacks on Deansgate and Go Outdoors on Great Ancoats. All in all it was a good day with a lot done so quite productive.

A Normal Week

First off, I would like to say a massive thank you to Sram MTB UK as last week I snapped one of their parts but their warranty department managed to turn it round and have me pack with a fresh part in just 4 days. Cheers guys, I owe you some biscuits.


This week hasn’t been anything special. I’ve been at uni every day this week except Thursday and have been up to my regular things.

On Tuesday I did a mountain bike ride starting in Chesterfield and going around the surrounding area, I did 24miles on my single speed bike (one gear) in 2hours and 20minutes so was pretty happy with that.

On Wednesday evening I went bouldering at the works and was fairly happy, I climbed a lot of different routes mainly ranging from 5+ – 6b and a lot in between. I’ starting to find it easier on slab climbs with crimps now due to a bit of training and also I am finding I fatigue slower throughout my session meaning I can climb fairly hard for up to 3hours.

On Friday I went to Stanage south climbing. Because of the weather we didn’t do too much climbing, however we looked at a variety of different group belaying methods and I placed a lot of gear meaning we could set up top and bottom belays and I also set up a group abseil.

The weekend was spent at work with a busy day Saturday with it quieting down on Sunday meaning I could chill out a bit more, but I suppose theirs always something to do.

Life Questions (about geese)

Today I completed my NSPCC Safeguarding for Children in sport meaning I’m pretty much ready tp go for my mountain bike leadership course. Good Times

Last Friday we did a climbing session up on Froggatt Edge working on setting up top and bottom belays which was really informative. Including trying to work out why geese fly in a v (it had something to do with excretion).

Over the weekend I’ve been at work at JE James Cycles trying to warranty a part on my mountain bike which snapped on a ride of Thursday evening but as always the customers problems were put first so it won’t have been sent till today. As I’m the sales assistant that’s always smiling there were no problems just a heap of hangers to rearrange, and being told to stop laughing by my boss as it irritates him! Standard weekend really.

Moo-ving on Forward!


So moving into the start of this term I’ve selected a few different things I want to do, mainly the Mountain Bike Leadership Level 2, climbing fundamentals and my climbing wall award. I just booked my MBL 2 last Tuesday (15/10) so now it is sorted for just before Christmas. This means I will also have to get a first aid course done before the assessment sometime next term.


The picture of the cow was also taken last week on my way back from Uni to Sheffield. I realised on the way back that everyday I drive past all this scenery every day and never actually stop and as I had some spare time I thought I may as well pull over and take a couple of photos. All the photos on this wordpress are taken by me so its pretty cool to see them all on it. The river is just over Calver crossroads, and the photo of the cow and the landscape was taken from the backside of the Longshaw Estate just outside of Hathersage about 20metres of the main road.


Summer’s Over!


Over the summer I got a lot of things done, I worked a lot and got to a lot of things I wanted too. Being in Portugal for 2 weeks doing nothing was probably the highlight of the summer for me though. The weather was great for 2 weeks and having nothing to do was great! I took the photos from the plane and of the beach, and the bottom photo is me just round the corner from Lagos on the Algarve.


The beaches were hot and nice and I spent plenty of time asleep on them!